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Don’t Forget the Pathway to Your Building!

You may never give it a second thought and that’s why we’ve written this piece. Installing fiber and other utilities at an office or industrial complex requires significant labor and money. If you’re renovating a property or building from scratch here’s one item you should never forget. Have your construction contractor install a service pipe for your telecom…

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Telecom & New Construction

If your business is planning a new construction or a build-out of an existing office space, we would like to make sure you’re aware of what you need to do to ensure your telecommunications are installed properly. These tips will help you save, time, money and avoid unnecessary headaches along the way. Rule 1: there’s…

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Redundant Internet Strategies for Business

In this video we show you how your organization can design and install a back-up Internet solution for a very reasonable budget – and in a reasonable amount of time. If you own or operate a small organization (5-20 users) and your staff depends on Internet for mission critical applications, you should consider installing a…

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Why Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing SDWAN

On several occasions I’ve been asked by prospective clients ‘why should I pay a monthly fee for SD-WAN management?” My answer is “what is the SD-WAN management providing that you cannot easily provide yourself?” So, let’s take a look at what a typical service is providing and why outsourcing SD WAN can be very beneficial…

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End User Do’s and Dont’s: Social Media

Along with establishing an Internet security policy handbook or end-user policy there’s another important addition to that and then involves social media.  Really consider establishing a social media acceptable use policy.  There’s some things that you need to keep in mind.  If you’re marketing sales or corporate management folks use social media outlets, and today…

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Cyber Security- End User Do’s and Don’ts

We want to get into what what we call an Internet acceptable use policy.  We want to talk about the things that you can do as a management team to educate your staff and to help enforce the policy that you need to maintain for your organization. Cyber security starts with the end-user.  Keep in…

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An Introduction to MPLS and VPLS

Wide Area Networks – An introduction to MPLS and VPLS   MPLS MPLS or Multi Protocol Layer Switching uses ‘virtual paths’ to link locations together.   MPLS is unique in that it’s a Layer 2 service that can handle layer 3 applications at faster speeds.Like a P2P link, these paths provide speed and private connection…

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An Introduction To Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  Simply put a Wide Area Network or WAN links separate office locations together.  If the WAN is set up properly, staff should be able to communicate with a remote worker in virtually the same time as they can with one of their co-workers ‘down the hall’.  This is the first and primary goal behind…

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WAN Services for Construction Companies

Construction firms like yours need to have access to their clients’ information and be able to communicate at all times. Access to communication tools like email, data transfers, phones, and wireless networks is imperative in order to do the best job. A secure, integrated networking provides superior protection against intrusive technology, such as malware and…

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How to Move Smartphone Data to a New Device Safely and Securely

I just had the opportunity to upgrade my iPhone to the next level. I was comfortable choosing the 5c model. I have no ill will toward Androids, Samsung and the many other devices now competing successfully in the cellular marketplace. Competition is a very good thing for business and personal consumers alike. That said, as…

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