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Park Ridge Park District Case Study

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RAM and Park Ridge Park District

Park Ridge Park District serves the community of Park Ridge, IL. Established in 1910, the park district has served its citizens for over 100 years now. Park Ridge provides eight recreational facilities and twenty-two parks for its residents.

In 2015, the Park Ridge IT Staff approached RAM and asked for an assessment of their current telephony services. What began as a billing audit turned into a multiyear infrastructure upgrade project. First, the park district needed help determining their assets both in services and phone systems. The initial goal was to document and determine the current systems for budget and sustainable use. There were also service contract assessments needed for all their facilities.

After conducting careful research, RAM was able to help Park Ridge management unravel contract dates, costs and update telecom inventories for all their facilities. Having established a new baseline, management asked RAM to help eliminate outdated services. Many of the services included unused centrex lines and data lines at the various facilities. RAM’s staff systematically managed cancellations with an eye on contract requirements. The park successfully canceled a significant portion of
unused service while avoiding contract terminations charges.

New Services

After completing all the billing and contract assessments, RAM was asked to perform additional tasks. The central tasks involved an overhaul of the park’s wide area network and voice services.

The park district had a variety of phone systems on their network. This reality made it impossible for staffers to transfer calls or use a 4-digit dial to reach counterparts at all facilities. The park needed a streamlined solution that kept its key phone functions intact. RAM provided the research and recommendations but not before coming up with a design Park Ridge management was comfortable adopting as their own.

RAM went to its key partner, Masergy Communications for help. Masergy was able to provide a hosted phone solution along with a new private data network. The new phone system has a unified dialing plan linking all facilities together as one unit. RAM provided the field installation support while Masergy provided the hardware and engineering. In the end, RAM and Masergy were able to provide a cutting edge network and hosted phone solution. Ultimately, Park Ridge received a superior network and phones at a lower operating cost than they had with their former phone company.


  • 30% reduction in monthly service costs
  • Updated the park district to a more dynamic private network
  • Replaced legacy phone systems with a single hosted PBX solution
  • Provided a true 24/7 customer support system
  • In 2019, RAM saved Park Ridge an additional 29% on their contract renewal.


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