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Redundant Internet Strategies for Business

In this video we show you how your organization can design and install a back-up Internet solution for a very reasonable budget – and in a reasonable amount of time. If you own or operate a small organization (5-20 users) and your staff depends on Internet for mission critical applications, you should consider installing a…

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“It should just work!” Really?

Greetings. I hope the new year is treating you well. Recently, I overheard a comment from a CFO at a Fortune 500 company. He was lamenting about the consistent outages his corporate office was suffering over a particular spell. “It should just work!” he complained to his Telecommunications Manager. All the manager could do was…

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Network Redundancy and Diversity

BUSINESS ONLY BROADBAND (BOB’S LATEST SOLUTIONS . . .) Did you know? Network Redundancy and Diversity in the last mile is a key element missing from nearly all Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).  Most businesses do not think twice in adding a second Internet/data connection for back up when developing a DR/BCP. …

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