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Addison Park District

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The Addison Park District was formed in 1969 with eight parks consisting of 50 acres. Currently the district has 25 park sites encompassing more than 290 acres.


In September 2012, Addison’s Director of Finance and Administration requested a meeting with RAM Communications to discuss the possibility of centralizing telecommunications for all four of the Addison Park District locations. Until that time, residents had to call separate phone numbers for each location. What was especially problematic was the fact the current phone system didn’t allow staff to transfer calls from site to site. Additionally, a disaster recovery plan was needed. In the past, the parks suffered through power outages and weather-­‐related issues that effected their telecommunications. The new solution had to provide a way to automatically reroute calls to other centers in the event of an emergency.


RAM provided the network solution for all four sites. The new service provided one central phone number: 630-­‐ADD-­‐PARK. This number is now the central contact for all residents to call. The new number simplified marketing and streamlined communication. Residents simply call the number and the facility they want to reach by entering a one-­‐digit number. The system also provides automatic failover routes for voice and Internet services for all facilities.

The new network service also allowed IT to centralize Internet and data communication for all facilities. IT can manage network changes, troubleshoot issues and more through one device whether they are on site or working remotely.

RAM chose its partner, Jack Bush, of S&G Communications to provide the phone system solution. With the Allworx Phone System, RAM was able to provide a powerful, yet user-­‐friendly system for the staff at Addison Park District.

The Allworx system is easy to program for administrators. It provides a user-friendly interface for making changes to phones, auto attendant and message schedules. This is a great benefit since the park district needs to be able to change menus and announcements as seasonal programs come and go. Addison Park District employees can access their emails from their cell phones, which was something their old phone system did not allow.


The benefits to the network upgrade were numerous including:

  • No interruption in voice services during the transition
  • 10% savings over old services
  • Updated inventory of all services and network systems
  • Consolidated billing for A/P
  • A robust phone system that enhances the park’s image with its residents.

“RAM and S&G took the time to plan, execute and follow through on their solution. Our new phones are easy to use, the call quality is outstanding and the network has performed great. They turned a large undertaking into a manageable, pleasant experience.”
Ann Santucci, Administrative Assistant
Addison Park District

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