Skokie School District 68 Case Study

Skokie School District 68 Case Study

Skokie School District 68 serves the diverse communities of Skokie and Morton Grove, IL and its families. The district provides primary education for over 1,600

Why Virtual?

Why Did All My Tech Go Virtual? In our last episode, we talked about the word, ‘virtual’ and what virtual means in terms of technology. In this episode, I want to

So What Exactly Does Virtual Mean?

So What Exactly Does Virtual Mean? In recent weeks several clients have come to me confused. ‘I’ve heard of virtual servers, virtual firewalls and virtual phone systems. These folks all

What is Telecom Expense Management?

What Is Telecom Expense Management?

How can TEM benefit your organization? Telecom Expense Management covers a wide variety of services – voice circuits, phone systems, internet services and corresponding maintenance

Corporate Cellular Management

Corporate Cellular Management

Tame the Cellular Dragon so You Can Manage the Beast Is your organization struggling to keep pace with its cellular program? Have the costs of

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