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RAM provides you cyber security guidance in a language you can understand. We filter the tech talk into a language you can understand so you can make better business decisions. With a new baseline, our clients are able to manage their cyber security in a manner that meets their needs. Our consulting will help you assemble the puzzle pieces of cost, technology, internal and external resources.

If you’ve come this far to visit RAM Communications than perhaps it’s because you’re looking for a security partner who understands the big picture. What’s the big picture? The big picture is having an understanding of a client’s overall security needs. The only way we can understand your needs is by conducting thorough research – there are no shortcuts.

We don’t just focus on the latest vendor software or monitoring technology, we assess everything for you. Your risk starts with your people.  We want to help you build a real best practices strategy. That strategy must start with all your end users and how they communicate and use your data infrastructure. From there we help clients assess all potential risk areas and minimize those as much as possible.

What’s the benefit behind all of this effort?

We help your people by into better security practices through training and awareness. You realize rapid security improvements and you haven’t even changed your infrastructure yet. Best practices, however, can only take your security platform so far. At RAM we believe a successful cyber security solution that combines both human and technology elements. From here, we help clients gain better visibility into their day-to-day activity.

We bring in experts and vendors with the best monitoring tools to fit your needs. Why? Because you need to be able to react to security breaches in minutes – not days or weeks. By then your network is compromised and the damage is done. The tools are available. The expertise is available.

The art to better security is finding a vendor who understands your needs and will bring the appropriate human and technological solutions to support your team’s security endeavor.

Call RAM today.  Better understanding. Better resources. Better results.

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