How to Keep Your Company Data Safe

Today, nearly 50% of U.S workers are performing their jobs remotely. They have smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that contain sensitive company information, from stored passwords and emails to proprietary company data and more.

Who’s keeping track of your organization’s data on all those mobile devices?

You must take an active role in keeping your company data safe. If your organization uses 100 or more mobile devices, you need to be aware of the potential security exposure. Remember, if your company-related apps (O365, Salesforce, or other CRMs) are installed on mobile devices – there’s a potential for hacking attempts. Cybercriminals can penetrate your company’s network with only one device and cause a catastrophic cyber-incident involving your entire IT infrastructure. An event like this can disrupt operations, expose vital data assets, destroy customer relationships, and cause financial damage your company may not be able to overcome.

Finding a quality Wireless Expense Management (WEM) vendor that has the experience and expertise to help protect sensitive company data on your mobile devices is critical. Some Wireless Expense Management organizations offer specific security tools designed for protecting mobile devices and wireless infrastructure. There are also cyber security companies with the tools to effectively secure and monitor your wireless assets. In both scenarios, RAM Communications can help. Depending on what your company needs, we can bring you complimentary or exhaustive levels of security tools and resources.

If you’re in need of a quality WEM company, below are some recommended security items to discuss:

1. Multi-factor Authentication At a minimum, you should receive multi-factor authentication or MFA tools for your end users. Login controls are an absolute must. MFA helps defend your data from easy hacking opportunities.

2. Threat Detection Management System You need a solution that uses a combination of automation and personal management (eyes on glass). Why? Because too many times the ‘automated only’ systems are used with the expectation that everything is secure. However, software is only a tool. The tool can’t completely replace people. You need people to analyze the data and consider the risk to your organization. Despite all its analytical capabilities, threat management software may not be able to anticipate all the tricks of a sophisticated hacker. Therefore, the best solution requires a mix of people and software.

3. Periodic Security Reviews A good security team will also check in with your team on a regular basis. Quarterly reviews are used to cover updates and changes in your organization. Changes in end users, devices and policies can – and do – affect the security. So, it only makes sense the security system should be updated to keep pace with those changes. Otherwise, hackers could potentially find new holes in your system.

Contact RAM Communications As cyber security consulting experts, RAM Communications understands that securing the devices of employees can be a challenge, but it’s critical for protecting your business against catastrophic cyber security threats. Since mobile devices are particularly at risk of cyber-attacks, it’s important to securely manage all devices from a single portal, saving both time and money. From device inventory, restrictions, and configurations, to the management of applications, content, and more, we’ll provide everything you need to standardize device management and keep your company data safe. RAM tracks and encrypts all devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, or USB drives. We ensure your team can work from anywhere without compromising company-sensitive data.

Contact RAM Communications. We’re here to help. Cybersecurity Resources:

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