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RAM Communications Inc. is a provider of voice and phone solutions without the tech talk so you can make informed business decisions. We are different than other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers in that we help clients manage their phones without sacrificing financial, technological, internal, and external needs.

Our wide breadth of resources is also an unparalleled advantage, which includes expert design, implementation, and training for users. With expert assistance, we ensure that you have the proper setup of your solutions – a process not always available with VoIP business plans from other providers. Turn to RAM to leverage success from your system. RAM provides VOIP and hosted phone services to businesses in Chicago and many other parts of the country.

What is VOIP?

There are numerous features associated with VoIP technology, but its core definition is the combination of using telephone services via digital signals to communicate. VoIP service providers offer solutions and services that can easily be used to make and manage direct calls, texts, and video communication. All that’s needed is a strong internet connection and the technology.

RAM is a reliable Chicago VoIP company that provides systems for businesses and organizations around the country. VoIP replaces outdated processes and helps you improve efficiency so your teams can maximize productivity. It is more than just an “out-of-the-box” solution. VoIP can be integrated into your existing processes without hampering workflows, and we provide personalized options that meet your requirements.

Benefits of Business VOIP Services for Enterprise Level Clients

Enterprise VoIP services are beneficial for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. No matter the VoIP business plans that clients choose, all receive a state-of-the-art communication tool that is set up and oriented toward individual, team, company, and industry goals.

RAM provides you with the following benefits and more:

  • Flexible enterprise VoIP solutions that remove barriers so you can increase sales, improve the customer experience, safeguard privacy information, and streamline information flows.
  • Mobile, desktop, and video conferencing functionality for communication and management at your desk or on the go.
  • Built-in file-sharing capabilities
  • Installation and setup from an expert VoIP service provider who will prepare your system for success.
  • Security features, including defense against intrusion and disaster recovery mechanisms.
  • Effortless system maintenance is handled by professionals.
  • Omni-channel integration for users to remain connected and productive anywhere, anytime.

We stay connected with dozens of carriers, private branch exchange (PBX) providers, and hosted services to provide the latest solutions. Our team is always available to educate and advise your staff so you can make the best voice and digital choices for your business.

What’s Included with Enterprise VOIP Services?

As a business VoIP provider that is trusted by enterprise-level clients in numerous industries, RAM makes it a point to understand the type of service that will best fit your needs.

While every solution is personalized, each user on your team benefits by receiving:

  • A local phone number with a unique extension and the ability to have up to five endpoints.
  • Inbound/Outbound Caller ID.
  • WebFax capabilities.
  • Voicemail box with transcription services.
  • Elevate Mobile App & Desktop App.
  • Resources for online meetings with multiple participants.
  • Tools for file sharing and backup.

Each account receives:

  • Centralized handling of all locations.
  • An auto attendant with a direct inward dial phone number.
  • The ability to configure multiple hunt groups with reporting for each.
  • Conferencing with monthly toll-free minutes.
  • Active directory integration for easy configuration of users.
  • Enable/disable call recording.

Leverage optimal phone and voice services from RAM for your business enterprise.

Choose RAM Communications for Enterprise Business Phone System Installation, Repair, and Troubleshooting

RAM has more than 20 years of experience providing professional enterprise telecom solutions to businesses large and small. From superior consultation to a quicker implementation process, we save you time that would normally be lost with other providers in the transition process. RAM also saves clients more than 30% in annual telecommunication costs with our VoIP solution, as well as others.

Our experience and reputation as a first-class Chicago VoIP company is relied upon by clients who need problem solvers and solution providers. For a custom implementation plan and guidance through every step of your future system use, we are here to help. Request a free consultation today to get started, and contact us for more information.
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How much can a service interruption cost your organization in terms of productivity and opportunity?

How much can a service interruption cost your organization in terms of productivity and opportunity?

How much can a service interruption cost your organization in terms of productivity and opportunity?

How much can a service interruption cost your organization in terms of productivity and opportunity?

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