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Wireless costs and complexity have increased tremendously due to explosive growth in data usage over the last decade. With workers increasingly working outside the office, managing cellular and mobile devices and all that comes with it has become a challenge for many IT departments. Thankfully, there are some solutions companies you can turn to in order to handle the process, manage wireless spend and reduce cost so you can focus on what you do best – your core business.

Wireless Expense Management (WEM) is the process of managing the mobile and wireless devices, plans, usage, and costs of an organization. Wireless Expense Management is a great way for businesses to save money on data overages because it ensures that the most cost-effective mobile and data plans are being utilized by employees.

In addition, wireless expense management (also known as telecom expense management) provides companies with accurate inventory through device management; businesses will always know which employee is using which device, so they’ll simply pay for what they need. Lastly, employees, with a wireless expense management (WEM) solution, are no longer required to wade through mounds of invoices looking for billing errors – instead, they can concentrate on their job and become much more efficient, happier employees!

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Is Wireless Expense Management Getting the Best of You?

How Can Our Wireless Expense Management (WEM) Solution Benefit You?

  • Monthly Wireless Charges Thoroughly Reviewed and Reduced Unlimited data often doesn’t mean “unlimited”. Carriers make mistakes all the time with data usage and overage charges. In addition, equipment charges for smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, discounts, plan credits, and installment charges on new pieces of equipment are frequently inaccurate. Taxes and access fees are reviewed as well.  Our wireless expense management program utilizes software to pull data so we don’t have to manually review paper billing; we are able to track usage trends to make sure users stay within the plan.  This is all completed on a monthly basis because the carrier may increase a rate without full disclosure to the client. That’s one of the way our clients control their wireless expenses. 
  • Integration of Our Software with Your Help Desk Ticketing System Our ticketing process is automated so we can quickly take care of service and billing questions. Our clients don’t have to call us in order to resolve any issue that may arise.
  • Integration of Our Software with Asset Management With our wireless expense management software our clients are able to track user activity, including data and call usage so that everything is staying within the parameters of the plan. The key is to stay within the plan. This way you have a predictable monthly expense.
  • Integration of Our Software with Your Carrier Portal(s) The benefits of our wireless expense management solution include automation and time savings because you can simply open a ticket for any question or issue. Order fulfillment is another benefit – if an employee needs to exchange a damaged device or get a new one, they can do it online and usually, our team can get equipment orders fulfilled for the client within a few days. That saves your company administrative hours and potentially weeks of work that employees don’t have to do.
  • Integration of Our Software with Your HR Portal The benefit for our clients is they can easily change equipment privileges for employees.
  • Our Software Allows for Easy Asset Management Our software establishes a baseline so that your company knows, at any given time, what their equipment assets are with the current plan and expenses. The software provides real-time, up-to-date inventory.
  • Secure Data Integrity Our software enables clients to give administrative access to select employees who have access to the devices and services and are able to review and change accounts. Any lost or stolen devices can easily be removed before data is compromised.
  • Improve Control Over Your Mobile Expenses Our Wireless Expense Management services provide constant management of the quality of your service, your mobile data usage, and your mobile costs in the most efficient way possible. With the help of the right partner, proper mobile device management can save you and your organization a tremendous amount of time and money.
  • Manage Your Costs and Access Your Data at any Time By continually monitoring your services and plans, along with the help of our software and customer support, we help identify your usage trends to put you in the appropriate service plan for technology and cost. Our software tools help you establish rules, controls and limits (usage for example) for all your equipment and users. With a click of the mouse, you can easily access your mobile inventory in your admin portal, providing access to all of your equipment assets and current service plans.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools Downloadable reports that look at usage trends along with other details on how the devices are being used allow management to make intelligent, data-driven decisions and adjustments.
  • Get a Clear Picture of Data and Devices Our software easily identifies your top data users as well as the number of devices. Admins can quickly and easily put limits or restrictions on those who may be negatively affecting your existing plan.
  • Cost Trends View month-over-month analytics and determine if your average cost per line or average data usage per line are trending up or down. If it’s consistently trending up, it may be time to determine if we need to update the plan to minimize costs; if it’s trending down, maybe we can save money by changing plans.
  • Overall Data Usage Picture Our clients can easily access the details on data usage by user, by department, or by the device to get a clear look at the data usage of their employees. This data reporting is very useful in managing company data pools and keeping them in check.
  • Overall View of Your Devices This tool allows clients to view the type of device, associated device count, and what wireless carriers a particular device is associated with, as well as the overall line count, average cost and more.
  • Money Savings Our wireless expense management (WEM) services include a feature that compares all areas of your bill to see exactly where you are getting the most savings and where we suggest changes that will positively affect your bottom line. This is our differentiator and why RAM Communications clients keep coming back to us. On an annualized basis, over 12 months, we can more than justify our management fees and are 100% confident we can deliver ROI for our services and still save you money.
  • Carrier Invoices Stored in One Place With our wireless expense management solution you are able to receive high-level information about each invoice, such as monthly cost, overage charges, plan changes, and equipment additions and subtractions. You can also take a deeper dive for detailed invoice information like overage charges or an activities breakdown on a particular device.
  • Easy Invoice Details Search Function Get a complete list of every device deployed by your company and the user it is assigned to. This detailed information is fast and easy to search for by using simple navigation tools.
  • Zero Usage Monitoring See exactly which devices have not used data within the last 3 months and which individual is assigned to a specific line. This report allows you to optimize your data plans within your company data pool as we will identify the relevant information so that you can eliminate waste in your service plan.
  • Inventory Portal Easily identify what needs to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded directly from this portal area. At the proper time, you can retire a device, replace a device, wipe it clean, and resell it – all from one convenient dashboard. You don’t have to worry about selling a returned device; it gets returned to RAM Communications and we handle credits, returns, and upgrades -removing you from the hassle. Clients are allowed to resell devices if they’d like but we advise against that because generally speaking used devices are not worth much if anything. We can return it on your behalf and that becomes a credit opportunity for new devices or credit on the account – that’s the most efficient way to get your money back.
  • USA-based Support Team Our support desk handles all carrier requests with a focus on optimization.
  • Data Comparison Tools By comparing data from current billing periods, multiple months, or by individual users/groups, trends become readily apparent. If usage goes up or down, your business may need more devices or less. Based on these trends, the business can make specific management decisions regarding the usage of these devices.
  • See Suggested Savings Our software displays suggested savings for your business on your dashboard and allow you to immediately implement changes to your mobile plans, users, or equipment without having to contact RAM Communications.  The tools enable you to make decisions and reap the rewards quickly!
  • Easily Renegotiate Rates and More Our software allows you to renegotiate your rates, discounts and ETF waivers. You can keep your favorite service but pay less each year by simply making a request with our support team and, if needed, we will open a ticket with the carrier to make the desired changes.
  • We are Your Support Team Your company does not have to be the help desk for your end-users, they will get reliable support from RAM Communications so that you can focus on your business as we handle any wireless-related issues.
  • Let Your Employees Focus on their Real Job Utilizing RAM Communication’s wireless expense management (WEM) services liberates your employees from the time-consuming and often aggravating task of managing wireless services. They no longer have to manually review invoices or call 800-No-Service (the big wireless companies) to discuss credits, corrections, or new devices – which could take hours. Now they can concentrate on what they were hired to do!

How Much Does Our Wireless & Mobile Expense Management Solution Cost?

Your cost depends upon the type of service that we provide. In many cases, we charge a flat management fee per device. In other cases, we charge a flat monthly fee, depending on the size of the account. Either way, once we have completed a preliminary analysis of your services we can provide an ROI model that confirms our value to your organization.

What Does Our Onboarding Wireless Expense Management Process Look Like?

  • Discovery Phase – The RAM team performs an initial mobile review of your invoices. The purpose is to establish a baseline of what you are using and how much you have tied in with mobile services.
  • Consulting Phase – We get back to you as soon as possible and discuss some initial recommendations and quick fixes to save money.
  • Management Phase – RAM will help you select the appropriate mobile optimization platform. We will help you pick the platform best suited for managing your corporate cellular accounts.
  • Results Phase – With careful selection and onboarding, our platform discovers the cost and equipment issues wasting money for your organization. In just a few months, we can show you a clear return on investment and savings for your mobile services. If your organization has 100 or more mobile users, we expect to deliver a 30% cost reduction in your services within the first 3 months.
  • Ongoing Support Phase – We never leave your side.  There’s more to mobile expense management than simply saving money. It’s great to save money, of course, but freeing up time for your employees as well as getting rid of any aggravation (with mobile expenses) is invaluable. Our team continues to track your expenses and we manage your mobile equipment changes (upgrades, returning damaged equipment, updating user plans, etc.) so your staff doesn’t have to. This kind of support saves significant time on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis and our level of attention ensures that your mobile services operate as efficiently as possible.

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