AT&T U-Verse and IP Phones


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AT&T Uverse Connection Procedure with IP Phones

This instruction is designed to help you connect calls through a U-Verse Internet connection. In order to connect your IP phone properly with AT&T U-verse you first need to visit AT&T’s Uverse Admin Page and make a few selecti0ns.

AT&T Uverse RouterThe web page is accessed via 3 steps:

  1. Locate the IP address sticker on the Uverse router.
  2. Input the address in your web browser address bar, click enter.
  3. Find the code from the System Password Label on the Uverse Router. Enter this code in the login field on the Uverse page.

Once you complete these steps you will come to the home page below.

Select the settings Tab and then select Firewall.

AT&T Uverse Setting Procedure

Under Option 1 ‘Select a Computer’ review the list of devices.
Your IP phone has a MAC address label.
look for that label on the bottom of your phone.
Compare that number with the device numbers on the Uverse list (above)
When you find the matching number, select it.

AT&T Uverse Connection Procedure 2

Scroll down the page and click on the SAVE button.

Then, power off your IP phone. After 10 seconds, plug it back into the wall.
See if the phone registers and connects to your office phone system.
The reset is successful if your name and extension come back up in the main display.
If not, try resetting the phone again. It’s not unusual for the phone to need resetting twice.

Finally, test your phone by calling your other office extensions and also call outside parties.
Make sure your sound quality is acceptable on both ends of the call.

If you still have difficulty connecting your phone after completing these steps please contact your phone vendor.