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Cable Internet Technology

Comcast, Netwolves, Time Warner, etc.

Cable Internet

To date, RAM has clients across the country using cable internet services. Most of these clients use cable Internet as a back-up service only. Why?

  • Reliability is much lower than T1
  • There’s no Service Level Agreement which means there’s no guarantee on uptime or response time during an outage
  • Speeds are only available when the serving network is not busy
  • Cable service is not a private, dedicated network –it’s shared by businesses and residents

T1 Technology

AT&T, Qwest, PAETEC, ect.


To date, RAM has over 200 clients across the country using T1 internet services. These clients use T1 Internet for mission-critical applications. Why?

  • Leading providers post an average 99.8% reliability standard for their T1 services
  • You get a Service Level Agreement which means you are awarded billing credits for any downtime or slow service response during an outage
  • Subscribed speeds are guaranteed for the life of the contract
  • T1 service is a private connection to your business providing better security and performance