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Ragan Communications Case Study

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RAM and Ragan Communications

Since its founding in 1970, Ragan Communications has been a training leader and resource for corporate communications, public relations, social media and management. RAM has provided Ragan telecommunications products and support for over a decade. In 2019, the folks at Ragan decided it was time to relocate their business operation to another location in downtown Chicago.

Business relocation can be a challenging, expensive and stressful undertaking. For Ragan’s IT team, the challenge also included new requirements: update the company to a cloud-based infrastructure within a short timeframe. Part of the new infrastructure required more internet speed and diversity than ever before. Ragan asked RAM to step in and help implement new internet services with the speed and redundancy that could meet their fiscal and time needs

RAM went to work researching the best players for reliability and price. RAM’s central challenge was coordinating the installations to meet Ragan’s time constraints. Downtown Chicago comes with an additional challenge: working with riser management to complete the service installations. For the uninitiated, high-rise office buildings in Chicago often hire riser management companies to manage tele-infrastructure for their tenants. This arrangement ensures better security and control over complex wiring and power infrastructures. However, this also brings another layer of bureaucracy and complication that can create additional installation delays.

Ragan didn’t have the time or relationships to manage this additional challenge. So, RAM brought its key partners and prior experience to the table. RAM was able to identify the right players and order services quickly. There were challenges along the way; however, RAM was able to provide the minimum infrastructure on time for Ragan’s voice and internet services. Now, Ragan has the bandwidth it needs to connect and perform properly within its new cloud infrastructure.

The final key to Ragan’s new infrastructure included the use of SDWAN. SDWAN technology manages diverse services and enhances internet performance. In Ragan’s case, RAM recommended Big Leaf Networks. Big Leaf was able to provide a hosted SDWAN solution that combined Ragan’s fiber and broadband connections into a more robust internet service. The new system provides Ragan’s IT staff with visibility of key performance metrics like speed, packet loss and overall usage. By having this key data at their fingertips, Ragan can now prioritize its bandwidth more appropriately for voice, internet and hosted applications. With RAM’s help, Ragan now has an internet solution in place that will keep pace with its needs well into the future.


  • tripled Ragan’s internet bandwidth to accommodate hosted services
  • SDWAN provides service visibility and controls for better performance
  • Broad Leaf provided an additional support layer for new internet services
  • RAM provided diverse and faster services within Ragan’s budget needs

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