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  1. Look at your floor plan to help determine how many phones you will need. Keep in mind you may want one in the waiting area, lunch & conference rooms, as well as the warehouse. How about a door-phone that rings on certain phones when deliveries arrive? A digital cordless phone will allow you to keep communicating with your customers anywhere in the building.
    Number of phones:_______
  2. Would you like to add more hours to your day? Would you like to work from home just as if you are in the office? Do you have a remote office or workers? You can provide full-featured desk
    phone capability to all users no matter where they are located. Connect our Voice over IP phones to a DSL or cable modem and immediately expand your productivity.
    Number of IP phones:_______
  3. Do you want to assure your calls are efficiently managed when call volumes are high or when your receptionist is away from the desk or out for lunch? How about saving both you and your
    customer’s time by the ability to leave a detailed message when an individual is away from their desk? Toshiba’s voice processing system gives you both auto attendant and voice mail in one
    convenient package. From basic to sophisticated, our voice processing system delivers a variety of choices to select what’s best for your business.
    Would you like to add voice processing to your system?
    Yes:_______    No:_______
  4. Have you ever received a voice mail that you wished that you could send to someone that was not part of your voice mail system? Toshiba’s voice mail system is equipped with Unified Messaging that allows your voice mails to appear in your Email. You can file and save any voice mail and send it as an email attachment to any destination.
    Would you like to add Unified Messaging to your system?
    Yes:_______  No:_______
  5. Have you ever had to wait for an important fax? Do you use Email? Imagine the time saved when individuals can receive their faxes directly in their Email. Faxes can easily be saved or sent to multiple individuals as email attachments. Now, anywhere you can log into your Email, you can receive your private fax messages.
    Would you like to add fax to your voice processing system?
    Yes:_______   No:_______NOTE: Private fax numbers are accomplished via Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers on an ISDN PRIME T1 circuit.
  6. Do you use a contact management or CRM software such as Goldmine Or Outlook? How would you like to have your client’s contact screen pop up whenever they call you? How about the ability to dial their number from a click of your mouse on their contact screen?
    Would you like to add Net Phone to your phone system?
    Yes:_______   No:_______
  7. Do you spend a lot of time in your car or out of your office? Would it be beneficial to have your emails read to you on your cell phone while you are stuck in traffic or at a client’s site? Our text to speech conversion gives you this capability. How about the ability to respond to an email via your voice and have your voice message be sent back to the sender as a .wav file? Can you imagine how this will help you take superior care of your clients?
    Would you like to add text to speech conversion to your voice processing system?
    Yes:_______   No:_______