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RAM Helps FDC Digital Imaging Diversify Telecom Affordably


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Based in Addison, IL, FDC Digital Imaging Solutions serves Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Graphic Arts professionals as the leading managed print services provider for both large and small format printers, scanners, copiers, image processing and document management software in Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southeastern Wisconsin. FDC carries a full range of systems, services and supplies as an authorized dealer for Xerox, Océ, Canon, KIP America, HP, Graphtec and Contex, including a full staff of factory trained field analysts and service technicians.


Glen Prezembel, VP and General Manager, enlisted RAM’s help for several challenges. First, Glen’s company needed RAM to help coordinate the transfer of his existing phone services to his new Addison office. Business changes also required more bandwidth for FDC’s data and web based activities. Glen and his staff were also concerned about reliability. RAM was entrusted with the responsibility of designing a solution that incorporated the strengths of two service providers. Glen specifically wanted a back-up solution that could handle all telecommunications in the event
of a service interruption. The trick was coming up with a solution that stayed within FDC’s budget requirements.


Because RAM Communications represents a dozen phone and internet companies, there were several options available. RAM presented Glen and his staff with three different options. Both FDC and RAM discussed and debated over each solution before finally agreeing on a proposal that brought a unique mix of traditional and new technologies.


FDC’s first concern was voice calls. FDC relies heavily on their 800 numbers for customer support and marketing. If their primary voice service was ever interrupted, FDC needed a back up service that could work seamlessly for both customer and staff personnel. FDC chose to use POTS lines for their reliability and economy. RAM ensured the lines were programmed to transfer calls to a
special T1 service in the event of an outage.

The T1 service includes voice lines that are integrated in the FDC phone system. During normal operation, however, the T1 also provides fast Internet speeds that can handle FDC’s increasing data demands.

There were other benefits as well. The new T1 package includes bundled long distance minutes. So, RAM was also able to program a least-cost routing scenario that saves FDC additional money
on long distance calling.

FDC Digital Imaging has relied on RAM since 2005. FDC has access to professional support anytime via RAM’s Help Desk. RAM’s staff also provides quarterly invoice auditing to ensure each bill meets the original service contract rates.

To date, RAM has helped FDC Digital Imaging save over $23,500.00 in both phone service costs and internal man hours.


  • 15% savings over old service plans
  • service transitions were completed accurately and on time
  • periodic invoice reviews ensure accurate billing
  • periodic product updates keep FDC Digital Imaging in step with the latest telecom solutions

“RAM Communications has consistently proven to be a trustworthy advisor to and staunch advocate for FDC in managing our telecommunications services.”
Glen Prezembel
Vice President and General Manager

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Learn how our telecom consulting, Help Desk and Disaster Recovery Services have made RAM the only telecommunications choice for Testa Produce.



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