WAN Telecom Solutions for Financial Services

Financial services companies have to practice what they preach. Part of that practice includes fiscal responsibility. At RAM Communications, we understand your business needs a vendor who watches your telecom spend closely – as if it’s our own money. We take our responsibility very seriously, and our dedication to this philosophy has helped our clients collectively save over $18 million dollars annually in telecommunications spend.

Like you, we consult clients with the best options available while we turn you and your team into educated consumers who make informed decisions about their telecommunications purchases.

Custom RAM Communications Solutions

Our business-consulting solutions help your business measure three critical performance areas: reliability, speed and consumption.

  • Reliability. In telecommunications ‘uptime’ is critical. RAM will show you the best vs. the worst in every product category from cable, T1, wireless and fiber.
  • Speed. Purchasing ‘more bandwidth’ doesn’t always result in faster service. Talk to RAM today and we’ll show you how investing in a predictable bandwidth solution often times outperforms a dynamic bandwidth solution.
  • Consumption. Your business doesn’t ask clients to invest over their heads. Why should you invest more money into a solution you may never take full advantage of? RAM helps you identify how much bandwidth your staff actually uses so you can determine how much service you should have in place today.

Networking Your Banks & Finance Offices Into a Seamless Unit

Does your business offer different product sets? Are those products sold and supported by staffers in different locations? If so, you need to provide your clients (and potential clients) a seamless experience. This is how you provide value and beat your competition.

It’s no matter if you need to transfer a customer call from Chicago to Boston, or, host a video presentation for clients in various locations.

RAM will show you how a customized telecom-network infrastructure that delivers these customer experiences today.

Helping Your Financial Firm Achieve Success

RAM’s Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions connect all your phones, computers and critical information systems together in one unit. The key is finding and integrating the right technology for your particular needs. The tools are available today. RAM is the rare vendor who can work in harmony with management and IT Staff as we help you integrate these technologies seamlessly at a budget you can afford.

Our knowledge and resources provide financial services firms with a unique value proposition.

  • First, we avoid long research cycles, which saves you time.  We sit down with you and your team and listen, ask questions and develop a solution based on our own time-tested methodology.
  • Second, we research all of the top service providers, hardware vendors and engineers available in your price range and service needs.  RAM provides you a breadth of choices – not just one solution.
  • Third, by providing your firm a choice we can also leverage price and save you money on installation, customer support and overall operating budget.

Our experts work as an extension of your staff. We’re part of your team. RAM Communications can deliver solutions that meet the precise technological needs of your financial services business. Call or email us today for an in-depth assessment.

Learn how our telecom consulting, Help Desk and Disaster Recovery Services have made RAM the only telecommunications choice for Testa Produce.


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