WAN Services for Construction Companies

Construction firms like yours need to have access to their clients’ information and be able to communicate at all times. Access to communication tools like email, data transfers, phones, and wireless networks is imperative in order to do the best job. A secure, integrated networking provides superior protection against intrusive technology, such as malware and viruses, while establishing a sustainable infrastructure for your voice, data, and internet technologies.

When you work with RAM Communications, you’ll work with people who know that efficiency is key with telecommunications. We believe that you deserve reliable and dependable telecom services, and that’s just what you’ll get.

Networking Technologies for Your Specific Needs

We work our hardest to not only provide great services for our construction clients, but also to save them money. Wide Area Networking, or WAN, has become a very important aspect of our clients’ needs, and we’re capable of handling those needs.

By assisting construction firms in their quest to integrate IT assets, telecom, and WAN services, we’re able to streamline equipment costs and services and provide the best possible services for your budget. We don’t think telecom services should break the bank, and that’s why we take your budget very seriously, as if it’s our own money. We work to bring our clients the best options possible, and we’ll help you and your team make informed decisions on these services.

Custom Wide Area Networking Services

Working with RAM Communications means you’ll get to see firsthand how we focus on three critical performance areas: reliability, speed, and consumption.

  • Reliability: Telecom services are nothing if not dependable. Your office services being kept online is essential—you don’t want downtime. We will show you the best providers of T1, cable, wireless and fiber, so that you’re making decisions based on facts and statistics rather than glossy marketing campaigns.
  • Speed: Ensuring service works quickly and efficiently is also key, and that doesn’t necessarily mean just purchasing more bandwidth. We’ll analyze and show you how a predictable bandwidth solution will often outperform a dynamic bandwidth solution.
  • Consumption: Finally, we’ll analyze the amount of bandwidth you and your staff use so that we can ensure each individual client has enough accessibility available. Here, there’s no room for waste; we work to ensure your services are as efficient as possible.

Security and Success

Our systems ensure that your data and your clients’ data stays safe and secure. We work with IT experts and network service providers, and we’ll show you how our infrastructure maintains security.

Our WAN solutions connect all critical information systems, phones, and computers together into one unit. To do so, it’s important to find the most appropriate technology for your firm’s needs. We’ll work with your IT professionals and management to integrate telecom and IT technologies seamlessly. As for our process:

  1. We make sure to listen the your needs and ask questions, then deliver solutions based on what those needs are.
  2. Next, we research top service providers, vendors and engineers in your budget. For maximum convenience, we offer more than one option.
  3. Finally, since we can offer you numerous choices, we’re able to help save you money on installation, customer support and overall budgeting.

We’re a part of your team—we work for you. We’re proud to be able to deliver solutions that meet the exact needs of your construction company. If you have any questions about how we can help you with telecommunications or WAN services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Learn how our telecom consulting, Help Desk and Disaster Recovery Services have made RAM the only telecommunications choice for Testa Produce.


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