Wide Area Network Services for Insurance Companies

When an insurance adjuster’s team needs to settle a claim for a client, they need to handle it quickly and professionally. All of their communication tools, from wireless to email, to phone to data transfers, need to work efficiently and reliably.

At RAM Communications, we understand that timeliness and accuracy are indispensible components in your business. Like you client depends on you, insurance institutions of all sizes from local agencies to multi-state service providers, rely on RAM for their telecommunications needs.

Networking Technologies to Serve Your Needs

While we can save money and improve services for local agents, our capabilities have the greatest impact among larger institutions with multiple locations. Wide-Area-Networking (WAN) has become a cornerstone of our clients’ businesses.

By helping agencies centralize their telecom and IT assets in colocation centers, our business clients are saving substantially on equipment costs while creating a consistent, reliable and secure platform for their telecommunications. Our model also helps IT staffers let go of the ‘custodial telecommunications tasks’ and concentrate more of their expertise on the core, revenue-generating needs of their business. RAM and its team of experts create peace of mind by ensuring their network systems run smoothly 24/7/365.

Our networks provide another critical element –the flexibility component. Insurance needs change constantly due to legal changes, economic impacts and insurance requirements. These changes have to be managed by your core team and implemented as quickly as possible. A fast, reliable network results in faster response. If you can meet client needs faster than your competition you win.

RAM Delivers Custom Solutions

Our business-consulting solutions help your insurance business measure three critical performance areas: reliability, speed and consumption.

  • Reliability. In telecommunications, it is critical to limit downtime. RAM will show you the most efficient product in every product category from cable, T1, wireless and fiber and networking systems like IPVPN, MPLS and VPLS services.
  • Speed. Purchasing ‘more bandwidth’ doesn’t always result in faster service. Talk to RAM today and we’ll show you how investing in a predictable bandwidth solution often times outperforms a dynamic bandwidth solution. Sometimes, finding more efficient methods saves more money and provide greater impact.
  • Consumption. Your business doesn’t ask clients to invest over their heads. Why should you invest more money into a solution you may never take full advantage of? RAM helps you identify how much bandwidth your staff actually uses so you can determine how much service you should have in place today.

Networking Your Offices Into a Secure Environment

Securing customer data is also critical to insurance companies. The proper wide area network solution must make security a top priority. Our preferred vendors understand this and will ensure your corporate data is secure at every endpoint on your network.

Why ask your IT Team to constantly manage firewall devices? Internet security has become a fulltime endeavor in and of itself.   Expecting IT to meet security challenges on their own becomes cost-prohibitive and less effective over time. Our experts will show your team how to combat security risks more efficiently and economically with network firewall solutions that leverage dedicated, industry-leading resources and save your business capital in man hours and equipment.

Helping Your Insurance Firm get to a Successful Result

RAM’s Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions will connect all your phones, computers and critical information systems together in one unit. The key is finding and integrating the right technology for your particular needs. The tools are available today. RAM is the rare vendor who can work in harmony with management and IT Staff as we help you integrate these technologies seamlessly at a budget you can afford.

Our knowledge and resources provide insurance companies with a unique value proposition.

  • First, we avoid long research cycles.  We sit down with you and your team and listen, ask questions and develop a solution based on our own time-tested methodology.
  • Second, we research all of the top service providers, hardware vendors and engineers available in your price range and service needs.  RAM provides you a breadth of choices – not just one solution.
  • Third, by providing your firm a set of compelling choices we can also leverage price and save you money on installation, customer support and overall operating budget.

Our experts work as an extension of your staff. We’re part of your team. RAM Communications can deliver solutions that meet the precise technological needs of your insurance business. Call or email us today for an in-depth assessment and discover how we lower your bottom line and increase your business performance.

Learn how our telecom consulting, Help Desk and Disaster Recovery Services have made RAM the only telecommunications choice for Testa Produce.


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