Manufacturers measure quality better than anyone. It’s their livelihood.At RAM Communications we understand your industry. We provide you with the tools you need to measure your telecommunications easily and accurately.

Are you using all the bandwidth you’re paying for? RAM makes sure you get the most for your telecom budget, and we make sure your services are being maximized everyday.

RAM Communications’ Custom Services

Our network solutions give control back to you. We partner with service providers who understand your needs as well. Customer service is always available, whether you need help on first, second, or third shift.

Our customized telecom network infrastructure services include wide area network (WAN) solutions that interconnect your central and remote locations.  For over 15 years, RAM has been servicing manufacturing firms and their locations throughout the United States. RAM consults with your management team on how to best integrate your voice, data, internet and video into a private network platform with custom WAN solutions.

Comprehensive Network & Data Security Provider

As with all businesses, manufacturing firms can be vulnerable to technology intruders, such as malware and viruses, on computer networks and smartphones.  A properly executed Wide Area Network provide security that protects your business from outside web threats.  RAM works with IT staffers to deal with these unique issues by bringing appropriate hardware and hosted security solutions.

WAN services are designed with future technology needs in mind.  Phone, internet and video all benefit from private network integration on backwards compatible systems.  RAM Communications delivers WAN solutions for legacy infrastructure components – overhead paging systems, digital telephones and databases.  With a centralized WAN Network supporting your infrastructure, your manufacturing company may realize savings in both equipment costs and routine systems maintenance.

Unsurpassed Experience in Wide Area Networking

RAM offers the telecommunications, network architecture and IT security knowledge that Wide Area Network projects require.  With our unique ability to gather expert resources in each of these disciplines, our team creates compatible solutions targeted to your networking needs and your financial limitations.

Our knowledge and resources provide manufacturing firms with a unique value proposition.

  • First, our clients save time by avoiding long research cycles in finding solutions.  We sit down with a prospective client, listen, ask questions and develop a solution based on our own time-tested methodology.
  • Second, we research all of the top service providers, hardware vendors and engineers available in your price range and service needs.  RAM provides you a breadth of choices – not just one solution.
  • Third, by providing manufacturing firms with top competitors, we also leverage price and save clients money on installation, customer support and overall operating budget.

Our team of experts can deliver networking solutions fitting the precise technological needs of your manufacturing business. Call or email us for an in-depth assessment.