Manufacturing WAN Telecom Solutions

As part of RAM Communications’ comprehensive telecom consultative and network infrastructure services, we provide wide are network (WAN) solution to connect all your remote locations to your central offices. For over 15 years, RAM has used WAN services to help manufacturing firms in the Chicagoland area integrate their voice, data, internet and video onto a single private network platform.

Phone & Network Security

As with all businesses, manufacturing firms can be vulnerable to computer malware, smartphone viruses and other technology intruders. Wide Area Networks provide security that protects your business from outside web threats. RAM works with IT staffers to deal with these unique issues by bringing appropriate hardware and hosted security solutions.

WAN technology is future proof. Phone, Internet and video services all benefit from integration on a private network. An ideal solution is also backwards compatible. This means we can provide a WAN solution that accommodates your legacy infrastructure (ie. Digital phone systems, overhead paging, database systems). Ultimately, your firm realizes savings in equipment costs and upkeep by centralizing their infrastructure on a WAN Network.

Wide Area Network Expertise

Wide Area Network Projects require knowledge in telecommunications, network architecture and IT security. RAM has a unique ability to pull together expert resources in all of these disciplines and create a compatible solution that meets your financial needs.

Our knowledge and resources provide manufacturing firms with a unique value proposition.

  • First, our clients save time by avoiding long research cycles in finding solutions. We sit down with a prospective client, listen, ask questions and develop a solution based on our own time-tested methodology.
  • Second, we research all of the top service providers, hardware vendors and engineers available in your price range and service needs. RAM provides you a breadth of choices – not just one solution.
  • Third, by providing manufacturing firms with top competitors, we also leverage price and save clients money on installation, customer support and overall operating budget.

Contact the telecom experts at RAM Communications for an in-depth assessment of your networking needs and custom telecommunication solutions for your particular requirements.

Learn how our telecom consulting, Help Desk and Disaster Recovery Services have made RAM the only telecommunications choice for Testa Produce.


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