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Based in Evanston, IL, Mather LifeWays enhances the lives of older adults by creating Ways to Age Well. Founded in 1941 by entrepreneur and humanitarian Alonzo Mather, Mather LifeWays is a unique not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a continuum of living and care; making neighborhoods better places for older adults to live, work, learn, contribute and play; and identifying, implementing, and sharing best practices for wellness, workforce issues, memory care support and empowering caregivers.


Charley Sankovich, Assistant VP of I.T. Systems, needed a more efficient way to handle his AT&T services. AT&T provides the primary Dial tone and Internet services at all Mather LifeWays locations in the Chicago area. Despite its size and substantial billings, Mather LifeWays was having difficulty leveraging AT&T for better service and better rates. Despite being assigned a personal account manager, Charley was not receiving the response or results his organization required.


Charley needed to find a firm who could handle his AT&T services effectively and save him money. At the same time, Charley and his staff felt it was important to continue a direct relationship with their carrier. After some time, Mather LifeWays found RAM Communications. After a few meetings, Charley felt comfortable that RAM’s staff could provide a more effective AT&T relationship through its agency network.


RAM provided a simple communication approach: give Mather LifeWays access to key AT&T personnel for ordering, provisioning, billing reviews and contract negotiations. RAM’s AT&T relationships are accountable, seasoned professionals who know their way around the largest phone company. RAM has worked with the same players for a decade. By utilizing RAM’s team, Mather LifeWays now has access to professional support anytime. RAM provides quarterly invoice auditing to ensure each bill meets the original service contract rates. Additionally, an executive report is generated demonstrating real ROI.

The needs of Mather LifeWay’s don’t end with bill auditing. Charley’s staff also utilizes RAM for the most challenging work of all: moves, adds and changes. Recently, Mather LifeWays opened a new retirement community in Evanston. The facility supported several hundred residents who depended on Charley’s staff to provide their personal phone services. RAM’s team worked with AT&T for several weeks preparing and managing the complex process of moving AT&T numbers from the old location to the new residence. The move required AT&T to move numbers at specific times on specific days. This was a challenging request for the AT&T system -to say the least. The transition required time and effort by all parties. In the end, the transitions completed with very little interruption.

To date, RAM has helped Mather LifeWays save significant revenues in both phone service costs and internal man hours.

Current benefits:

  • 10 erroneous phone companies have been removed from Mather Lifeways’ corporate accounts
  • 15% savings on updated service plans
  • a database system tracks all contract anniversary dates
  • periodic invoice reviews to ensure accurate billing
  • periodic product updates keep Mather LifeWays in step with the latest telecom solutions

“RAM Communications provides the professional service and support I need. I’m now free to concentrate on the other critical aspects of my job.”
Charlie Sankovich
Assistant VP of I.T. Systems

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