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What is POTS?

  • POTS, is a term which describes the voice-grade telephone service that remains the basic form of residential and small business service connection to the telephone network in most parts of the world. The system was originally known as the Post Office Telephone Service or Post Office Telephone System. Today the term Plain Old Telephone Service is used, after the services were removed from the control of national post offices.
  • The pair of wires from the central switch office to a subscriber’s home was called the subscriber loop. It was typically powered by 40V(DC) and backed up by a large bank of batteries in the central office, resulting in continuation of service during most commercial power outages.
  • This 64Kbps service is a bi-directional, or full duplex, voice path with limited frequency range of 300 to 3400 Hz: in other words, a signal to carry the sound of the human voice both ways at once. Today, it is also used for internet access via a dial modem, DSL, fax, credit card terminals, etc.

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