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Wide Area Networking

An Introduction to MPLS and VPLS

Wide Area Networks – An introduction to MPLS and VPLS   MPLS MPLS or Multi Protocol Layer Switching uses ‘virtual paths’ to link locations together.   MPLS is unique in that it’s a Layer 2 service that can handle layer 3 applications at faster speeds.Like a P2P link, these paths provide speed and private connection…

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An Introduction To Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  Simply put a Wide Area Network or WAN links separate office locations together.  If the WAN is set up properly, staff should be able to communicate with a remote worker in virtually the same time as they can with one of their co-workers ‘down the hall’.  This is the first and primary goal behind…

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WAN Services for Construction Companies

Construction firms like yours need to have access to their clients’ information and be able to communicate at all times. Access to communication tools like email, data transfers, phones, and wireless networks is imperative in order to do the best job. A secure, integrated networking provides superior protection against intrusive technology, such as malware and…

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How do the Major Broadband Services Stack Up?

Depending on the type of business you are running, you’ll need to consider your broadband options and the amount of available bandwidth for your telecom network. There are several options, but one might make more sense for your business based on your existing telecommunications network infrastructure and data needs. The purpose of understanding how different…

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Telecom Tips: Researching WAN Service Providers

Brand names don’t always deliver desired results. There are too many stories of corporations selecting the big name player and only to find a very underwhelming customer experience. So where should your research start? Who can you trust? The Steps: Establish a Baseline. Take time to brainstorm with your IT staff, C-level Management and your…

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Telecom Tips: Pick the One with the Best Network Tools

The best service providers give you online tools to manage your network. Historically, most Internet and WAN providers have been opposed to providing their clients the ‘keys to their Network Highway’. There are a variety of security and performance reasons behind this resistance. But that’s their problem. Your problem is that you need a network…

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VPLS is the latest in a long line of VPN services. Technically, VPLS is a transport protocol. (We’ll leave the rest of the tech talk to the engineers.) The first true Virtual Private Network services go back to U.S. military applications in the 1960’s. Virtual Private LAN Service was first offered by Verizon in 2007…

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Are you satisfied with your Internet service performance? This article is devoted to outlining three important items you can check to ensure your Internet service performs as efficiently as possible. Step 1: check your Internet speed There are several free speed test services online (see web links at bottom). For the most accurate performance measurement,…

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