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MPLS Network

An Introduction To Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  Simply put a Wide Area Network or WAN links separate office locations together.  If the WAN is set up properly, staff should be able to communicate with a remote worker in virtually the same time as they can with one of their co-workers ‘down the hall’.  This is the first and primary goal behind…

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How Can I Ensure Telecom Privacy on a Managed Network?

Download PDF version of this Article When you purchase a private network from a carrier you are purchasing security–after all, it’s built in, right? Not so fast. In order to make sure your managed network is safe, you’ll need to know these important things to ensure privacy on your network. Someone Has to Manage Your Managed Networks…

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How do the Major Broadband Services Stack Up?

Depending on the type of business you are running, you’ll need to consider your broadband options and the amount of available bandwidth for your telecom network. There are several options, but one might make more sense for your business based on your existing telecommunications network infrastructure and data needs. The purpose of understanding how different…

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IP phones and computers are pretty easy to connect from home. So, how difficult is it for unwanted visitors to connect to you? It’s not difficult at all and that’s a problem! There are specific guidelines you need to follow so you don’t inadvertently invite hackers into your remote phones and, by extension, into your…

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Add More Fiber to your Network

During the late 1990’s, an influx of fiber was installed across the U.S. by MCI, Worldcom, Qwest, SBC and Nextlink. (Does anyone else remember these names?) After 2001, these investments went on hold. During the last two years, there’s been a resurgence of fiber installations in the Chicagoland Area and across other parts of the…

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How SDN Helps You Control Your Network!

Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows you the ability to make changes to your network behavior from your desktop. Download this article as a PDF Which would you prefer? Calling your carrier to make changes or having the ability to make changes from your own desktop? Of course, you would choose the latter. Some providers have…

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No one likes service outages. But “stuff” happens from time to time. When something goes wrong, using an organized service-call process can lower your stress level and also lead to a substantial decrease in problem resolution intervals. Whether you are a long-time client or a new one, this is a great time to review our…

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RESTORING SERVICE: Putting a Process in Place

Weather and power outages can interrupt your telecommunications. T1-based services are more sensitive to weather and power issues than regular POTS lines. However, no service is completely immune to the elements. So, it’s important we help your business develop a procedure for restoring service as quickly and easily as possible. Internet T1 circuits and Integrated…

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Did you know . . . Many companies centralize their cell phone management in order to keep costs in line.  However, monthly reconciliation of the bill can be quite daunting.  As a result, the task gets pushed out and many charges are paid that could be audited and therefore save the company money. Let RAM…

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VPLS is the latest in a long line of VPN services. Technically, VPLS is a transport protocol. (We’ll leave the rest of the tech talk to the engineers.) The first true Virtual Private Network services go back to U.S. military applications in the 1960’s. Virtual Private LAN Service was first offered by Verizon in 2007…

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