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Telecom Tips

Don’t Forget the Pathway to Your Building!

You may never give it a second thought and that’s why we’ve written this piece. Installing fiber and other utilities at an office or industrial complex requires significant labor and money. If you’re renovating a property or building from scratch here’s one item you should never forget. Have your construction contractor install a service pipe for your telecom…

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Telecom & New Construction

If your business is planning a new construction or a build-out of an existing office space, we would like to make sure you’re aware of what you need to do to ensure your telecommunications are installed properly. These tips will help you save, time, money and avoid unnecessary headaches along the way. Rule 1: there’s…

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How to Move Smartphone Data to a New Device Safely and Securely

I just had the opportunity to upgrade my iPhone to the next level. I was comfortable choosing the 5c model. I have no ill will toward Androids, Samsung and the many other devices now competing successfully in the cellular marketplace. Competition is a very good thing for business and personal consumers alike. That said, as…

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Is it Time for Park Districts to Replace Fire Alarm Circuits?

RAM Communications helps park districts audit and manage telecommunications contracts, invoices and service agreements. Recently, we were helping one of our clients manage a transition between phone companies. We had planned to move their core services to another provide, and that went smoothly—the problem came when we needed to figure out a solution for this…

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How do the Major Broadband Services Stack Up?

Depending on the type of business you are running, you’ll need to consider your broadband options and the amount of available bandwidth for your telecom network. There are several options, but one might make more sense for your business based on your existing telecommunications network infrastructure and data needs. The purpose of understanding how different…

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Follow these tips before you sign on the bottom line! 1. Where is the phone ‘stuff’? Where does the infrastructure reside in your new building?  More importantly, can you find it? 2. Make sure you do a careful and complete walk thru of the new office space. Make sure you not only know where the…

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Consider the following scenario: DSL was nice but your operation is growing. You need faster speeds.  You call Phone Company X and ask for help getting faster service. The sales rep comes out offering competitive prices, billing examples and some performance metrics that may or may not be very relevant to you. You want three…

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On many occasions RAM has advised its clients to ensure their office technology (phones, Internet, computers) are given security updates on a consistent basis. In smaller office environments, where IT resources may not be so readily available, it’s still important to have a security plan in place. Here are some simple tips even the small…

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Your business probably has sufficient tools to assess sales, customer service and accounting results. But how often are you measuring your telecommunications’ performance? Measuring phone and Internet usage will tell you a lot more than just how much bandwidth the staff is using at a given time. If you measure your telecommunications on a monthly…

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IP phones and computers are pretty easy to connect from home. So, how difficult is it for unwanted visitors to connect to you? It’s not difficult at all and that’s a problem! There are specific guidelines you need to follow so you don’t inadvertently invite hackers into your remote phones and, by extension, into your…

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