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Managed Network Services

Redundant Internet Strategies for Business

In this video we show you how your organization can design and install a back-up Internet solution for a very reasonable budget – and in a reasonable amount of time. If you own or operate a small organization (5-20 users) and your staff depends on Internet for mission critical applications, you should consider installing a…

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Why Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing SDWAN

On several occasions I’ve been asked by prospective clients ‘why should I pay a monthly fee for SD-WAN management?” My answer is “what is the SD-WAN management providing that you cannot easily provide yourself?” So, let’s take a look at what a typical service is providing and why outsourcing SD WAN can be very beneficial…

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Is it Time for Park Districts to Replace Fire Alarm Circuits?

RAM Communications helps park districts audit and manage telecommunications contracts, invoices and service agreements. Recently, we were helping one of our clients manage a transition between phone companies. We had planned to move their core services to another provide, and that went smoothly—the problem came when we needed to figure out a solution for this…

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How Can I Ensure Telecom Privacy on a Managed Network?

Download PDF version of this Article When you purchase a private network from a carrier you are purchasing security–after all, it’s built in, right? Not so fast. In order to make sure your managed network is safe, you’ll need to know these important things to ensure privacy on your network. Someone Has to Manage Your Managed Networks…

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How do the Major Broadband Services Stack Up?

Depending on the type of business you are running, you’ll need to consider your broadband options and the amount of available bandwidth for your telecom network. There are several options, but one might make more sense for your business based on your existing telecommunications network infrastructure and data needs. The purpose of understanding how different…

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How SDN Helps You Control Your Network!

Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows you the ability to make changes to your network behavior from your desktop. Download this article as a PDF Which would you prefer? Calling your carrier to make changes or having the ability to make changes from your own desktop? Of course, you would choose the latter. Some providers have…

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Telecom Tips: Researching WAN Service Providers

Brand names don’t always deliver desired results. There are too many stories of corporations selecting the big name player and only to find a very underwhelming customer experience. So where should your research start? Who can you trust? The Steps: Establish a Baseline. Take time to brainstorm with your IT staff, C-level Management and your…

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Telecom Tips: Pick the One with the Best Network Tools

The best service providers give you online tools to manage your network. Historically, most Internet and WAN providers have been opposed to providing their clients the ‘keys to their Network Highway’. There are a variety of security and performance reasons behind this resistance. But that’s their problem. Your problem is that you need a network…

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“It should just work!” Really?

Greetings. I hope the new year is treating you well. Recently, I overheard a comment from a CFO at a Fortune 500 company. He was lamenting about the consistent outages his corporate office was suffering over a particular spell. “It should just work!” he complained to his Telecommunications Manager. All the manager could do was…

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