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End User Do’s and Dont’s: Social Media

Along with establishing an Internet security policy handbook or end-user policy there’s another important addition to that and then involves social media.  Really consider establishing a social media acceptable use policy.  There’s some things that you need to keep in mind.  If you’re marketing sales or corporate management folks use social media outlets, and today…

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Cyber Security- End User Do’s and Don’ts

We want to get into what what we call an Internet acceptable use policy.  We want to talk about the things that you can do as a management team to educate your staff and to help enforce the policy that you need to maintain for your organization. Cyber security starts with the end-user.  Keep in…

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How to Move Smartphone Data to a New Device Safely and Securely

I just had the opportunity to upgrade my iPhone to the next level. I was comfortable choosing the 5c model. I have no ill will toward Androids, Samsung and the many other devices now competing successfully in the cellular marketplace. Competition is a very good thing for business and personal consumers alike. That said, as…

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How Can I Ensure Telecom Privacy on a Managed Network?

Download PDF version of this Article When you purchase a private network from a carrier you are purchasing security–after all, it’s built in, right? Not so fast. In order to make sure your managed network is safe, you’ll need to know these important things to ensure privacy on your network. Someone Has to Manage Your Managed Networks…

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On many occasions RAM has advised its clients to ensure their office technology (phones, Internet, computers) are given security updates on a consistent basis. In smaller office environments, where IT resources may not be so readily available, it’s still important to have a security plan in place. Here are some simple tips even the small…

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IP Phone systems have delivered great features and greater productivity for business large and small. If your business is using an IP phone system, however, you need to keep a few items in mind. Do you realize your system may use the Internet to connect with the outside world? If this is applies to your…

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If your business is now using some form of IP-based telecommunications, phone service that runs over a public or private Internet connection, then you now have features and advantages over your competitors.  That’s great.  Your business now uses a platform developers will use to provide more features and services over the coming years. However, since…

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