On many occasions, RAM Communications has advised its clients to ensure their office technology (phones, Internet, computers) are given security updates on a consistent basis.

In smaller office environments, where IT resources may not be so readily available, it’s still important to have a security plan in place. Here are some simple tips even the small business owner can utilize to make a security plan feasible.

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Use a Firewall

Any device in your office that touches the Internet is vulnerable to outside attack. Don’t assume the firewall service that comes on your computer can actually protect you from the latest viruses.  When’s the last time you had a chance to update your desktop firewall? Instead, shop around for a separate appliance that can protect your entire network of devices. There are very reasonable solutions ranging in cost from $400.00-$800.00. That’s not a large investment when you consider the downtime and loss of business
you could incur with a cyber attack.

Train Your Staff

With good fundamental education, your workers are your best resource for protecting your technology infrastructure. Without good training, however, your staff can inadvertently become your biggest source of security problems. Establish a Computer Handbook and review your polices with new staff and old. You may be surprised at what folks are doing on their computers. Remove bad habits now.

Mobile Devices

We need to make sure mobile devices are added to the Computer Handbook. Do you and your workers sync their devices at the office? With their desktop computers? Well, now have you more potential for outside threats coming into your office network.

Mobile devices need to be scanned for viruses and malware too.  Whichever desktop syncing device you use, be sure it can scan for viruses before there’s a chance to download them to your computer.

Feel free to check in with RAM if you have any questions.  We have a number of trusted resources who can help you secure your office properly and economically.



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