1. Define the problem you are trying to solve
Confirm that problem in writing. Share and discuss the business problem with your colleagues. What comments or ideas can they contribute to the issue?

2.  Define the costs of not resolving the problem
If your business decides not to resolve the problem now what is it costing you? There could be an operating cost or a revenue lost by not solving the problem now. What’s the financial impact if you do nothing?

3. Identify possible solutions
Is there a hosted service that can help solve the issue? Or, will a tweak or adjustment in your current infrastructure solve the issue? Look here first. Often times, internal adjustments can present a shorter path to success.

4. Identify internal and external problem solvers
If simple tweaks won’t help, then decide which people in your organization have the experience and expertise to help resolve the issue? If your internal resources are lacking, ask other business owners for vendor references. Talk to a trusted professional to help assess your needs and propose a solution.

5. Review and Commit
Review your proposed solutions internally. Are any of the solutions meeting your original objective? Does the project’s budget justify the desired outcome? Does the solution demonstrate a clear benefit(s) to your business? If not, move on and seek help from other sources. There are thousands of vendors and products available to help you solve your telecommunications problems.

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