On several occasions I’ve been asked by prospective clients ‘why should I pay a monthly fee for SD-WAN management?”
My answer is “what is the SD-WAN management providing that you cannot easily provide yourself?”
So, let’s take a look at what a typical service is providing and why outsourcing SD WAN can be very beneficial to your business.

And keep three thing in mind:
1.Do I have the internal expertise to design and manage a redundant WAN solution?
2.If I happen to have the expertise, am I putting my IT resource to it’s best use? Do I want my folks to manage my WAN or help me use technology to build my business??
3.What will SD-WAN management provide that could replace other fixed costs?

After all we’re talking about a solution that only costs a few hundred dollars per location per month.
In most cases, SD-WAN fees replace higher-priced circuits, firewall and maintenance costs.

What do you get in return?
With the best SD-WAN providers you will get: 24x7x365 maintenance that you can call as you need it – as opposed to waiting for an outside vendor to visit you or respond on his or her schedule.

If you incorporate a security service with SD-WAN then you can take advantage of your new infrastructure to easily monitor network activity coming in and out of your business. SD-WAN is a perfect compliment to cyber security services.
This reduces a tremendous amount of stress, maintenance cost and overall liability on your staff.
Why? Because a reputable cyber security component will mitigate your risk better than you can ever do internally.

In this video RAM shows you several compelling financial and technical reasons for outsourcing SDWAN management. Take a look and see how the right service provider’s quality and support justify this approach.

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