Weather and power outages can interrupt your
telecommunications. T1-based services are more
sensitive to weather and power issues than regular
POTS lines. However, no service is completely
immune to the elements. So, it’s important we help
your business develop a procedure for restoring
service as quickly and easily as possible.

Internet T1 circuits and Integrated T1 (voice and data) services all
use a router. Routers are used as connection devices between your
phone company service and local equipment. Usually, your router is
installed near your computer server and phone equipment. In most
cases, the router is managed by the phone company. In the event of
a service interruption, your phone company will perform what is
known as a ‘loop test’. This test determines where the service is
broken. In many cases, the phone company can send a signal down
the line and restore your service without needing to send a

In some instances, however, remote fixes are not successful. So, as a
practice, we may call your office and ask you to reset your router.
The reset process reconnects the T1 with the outside world. This
process is pretty straightforward as long as you know which box to
look for.

Click this link to see a picture reference of the most common routers
used among our clientele. Please keep this information for future
reference in the event we need to call on you. If you do not see your
device listed, or, you’re not sure which one your company uses,
please call me and we’ll guide you accordingly.

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