Your phone equipment is central to the operation of your business.
Here are some things you need to consider when moving your
phone system.

Changing your office location is no easy task and as such a number
of things should be taken into account such as timing, logistics and
damage control. As part of reducing damage control within your
move you want to ensure your Telecom equipment (your business
phones, voice and data services) will be up and running as fast as
possible once you have moved to your new location.

Telephone Numbers

Can you keep your existing phone number when you move? If you
can’t or are unsure, don’t panic. Contact your telecom provider
and check. If you discover your numbers cannot easily move, you
may want to consider having a non-geographic number which you
can retain whenever you move in the future. There are also new
ways to keep your important numbers in tact for small monthly fees.

Call Management

Make sure you don’t lose any important business throughout the
move. Make sure you have staff dedicated to handling calls during
the transition.

Business Phones – Hardware

Is your current phone system meeting your requirement or is it
time to upgrade?

In order to ensure your current business phone system meets all
your needs, contact RAM for a review or your business phone
requirements. There’s no better time for an evaluation then
before an office relocation.

Phone Network

It is unlikely all the phone lines will be in the correct place in you
new location. Further, you may find the quality and quantity of
available lines is lacking in your new location. Plan ahead! Make
sure you contact your phone vendor and schedule a walk through
as soon as you start surveying your potential space. In certain
instances, bad or lacking phone infrastructure could cost your
business delays and thousands of dollars in upgrade costs. So
evaluate as soon as possible. New services can take 4-6 weeks to
install depending on the type of service your business needs.

Testing Business Phones

When you get to your new location, you will need to thoroughly
test all phone lines, incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail, and
related functions. Have these items tested before the staff arrives
on the first day at your new location. (RAM follows a strict testing
procedure to ensure your business doesn’t suffer any disruption or

Also, make sure your general contractor or anyone involved in any
building changes does not move any of your telecom equipment
without your knowledge. The GC should work directly with the
phone company to ensure the proper infrastructure is ordered and
installed ahead of your move.

RAM has handled many phone moves in 15 years. As always, please
contact RAM if you have any questions or if you need further

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