Business mobility usage continues to rise. More workers are being assigned cell phones than ever before. However, that mobility can become cost prohibitive, especially when more people use services such as text messaging and smart phone devices. These products can add considerable amounts of chanrges to already high corporate phone bills.

RAM works tirelessly negotiating better terms for its clients. Here are a few basic items you should keep in mind before you go back to the bargaining table with your company’s cell phone provider.


Take to the Time to Research
– Research providers to make sure you get the services you need at the best possible rate; offers usually change every few months

Perform an Annual Billing Review
– Make sure your monthly charges match the ones you signed up for in your contract!

Review Your Phone Inventory on a Regular Basis
– Make sure to discontinue or reassign phones that are no longer used. However, be aware that there may be early contract termination fees.

Purchase the Insurance Option for All Your Phones
– Having insurance on lost or damaged phones can save you money. For around $5.00/month a lost or damaged phone is replaced for free with no contract


Don’t just rely on the customer service agent for the best deal.
– Contact a broker like RAM to help you find the best options.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.
– The Cellular business is highly competitive. Take advantage and leverage your rep using the competitive data available.


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