Web Conferencing brings pictures, video -any visual presentation to your audience. Coupled with traditional audio conferencing, web  conferencing provides the most impact possible without being at your client’s office in person.

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That’s the whole point. Make more high-impact presentations to more folks without using planes, trains and automobiles! How much money and time could your sales force save if they became sophisticated web-based presenters. We’re not saying web-based conferencing should or could replace your personal visits but this is a tool that can certainly save on sales/marketing costs and grow your bottom line.

Most solutions require additional software to be installed (usually via download) by the presenter and participants.  Some vendors provide a complete solution while other vendors enhance existing technologies.  Most also provide a means of interfacing with email and calendaring clients in order that customers can plan an event and share information about it, in advance.

Other Benefits of Web Conferencing:

–       Audio and web communication with just one set of log-in numbers to remember.
–       A cost effective way to communicate.  an easy way to collaborate with clients or colleagues in remote offices
–       Easily collaborate online and in real-time to drive faster decision-making.
–       Centralized portal for scheduling meetings, holding Q&A sessions, and monitoring audience feedback
–       Flexible and economical- most providers don’t require service contracts; you pay only for the minutes you use and you can schedule meetings                     anytime with your own 800 number and pin code

Meeting Features:
–       Presentation sharing – share PowerPoint slides and graphic files
–       Desktop showing – show and share visually, applications, web pages, files or software to participants in real time.
–       Record a meeting – recordings are the next best ting to attending a Web Meeting session and provide a great way to keep individuals informed.
–       Chat – allows participants and presenters to communicate to each other through the web interface.  Chat is also a great way to ask questions during           a conference.
–       Security – assign optional security pass codes that must be entered by participants in order to access a web conference or recording.

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