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Typical Business Landscape : Often we find the following when we meet with clients: Most IT Pro’s and their staffs are set up to fail… Most have 1 person, lucky to have 3 More than 6 is an outlier. Nobody is a Security Expert in ALL categories.

The central problem is covering the volume of information…you need people with expertise and the right technology to work effectively together monitoring it all. We are finding that in many, if not most organizations, IT Security and Risk Compliance are fighting for resources. IT/Executive Leadership haven’t kept up with the changes in the security landscape.

Compliance thinks compliance is covers their security needs. “Compliance keeps us from being sued.” IT Security usually doesn’t want to admit they can’t keep the business secure ….”We are as secure as I can make us”. Often, the Risk/Compliance and Leadership Team hear this statement and believe “we are secure”. Not true!!!

Threat Landscape – what you’re up against . . . 3.5 Million unfilled security positions by 2021 Estimated 6 Trillion in losses over the next year State Actors, Organized Crime, Juvenile Delinquents Shadow IT (between 30-1935 applications and 1/3rd of breaches) Transition of Cloud and Remote Workers Phishing Compliance versus Security Remember, we are not calling anybody out here.

We’re here to help you! The goal is to help your leaders and end users change their way of thinking about cyber security.

Where do you start? Start Here with These Suggestions and Start Today . . . Awareness. Make sure everyone is aware of the risks and the damages It only takes one. One mistake by one individual creates havoc Educate your entire organization Test your entire organization on a regular basis Ask for help from colleagues and experts like Masergy and RAM Audit your current defenses: can you see everyone and every activity on your network??????

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