Network Redundancy and Diversity

Did you know?
Network Redundancy and Diversity in the last mile is a key element missing from nearly all Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).  Most businesses do not think twice in adding a second Internet/data connection for back up when developing a DR/BCP.  Maybe they should.

More than 90% of so called backup connections are not truly diverse from the primary carrier  – especially in the last mile.  Often, customers discover this fact after it’s too late.  All buried utilities can be compromised from flooding, construction, train derailment or other calamity.  What’s left after the one essential network architecture considered paramount has broken down?

In order to have a successful DR/BCP in place, a diverse Internet/data connection is an indispensable component.  Experts agree your back-up Internet connection must not, under any circumstances, cross any path or share conduit with your primary connection.  If you have two connections that are underground for instance, and those underground lines are compromised, you may lose all Internet/data connectivity until they are restored.

Based on the 2012 Global Disaster Recovery Index, while small and medium business (SMBs) are more confident in their ability to backup and recover their data after a disaster, there are still huge gaps in their DR/BCPs when it comes to the last mile.  Here are some surprising  stats found in the report:

* One third (32%) of businesses are very concerned their backup and disaster recovery operations will fail in the wake of a serious incident  (p.2)
* A similar number (34%) know they will suffer substantial downtime as a result (p.2)

Almost half (47%) say their last mile vulnerability are not supportive of their backup and disaster recovery operations (p.2) * 86% of the 6000 SMBs responding to the survey experienced multiple instances of down-time, that on average lasted 2.2 days and cost each business $366,363 (p.5)

*Human error is the most common cause (60%) of system downtime (p.5)

Finally, most businesses today are implementing some form of virtualization and cloud computing.  Adding these services to the mix requires a DR/BCP with a fast, reliable and truly diverse last mile.  A fixed wireless Internet/data option takes all the guess work out of last mile diversity.  BOB rises 300 feet, bypassing buried utilities to deliver with 24/7/365 support.  And, if you read my article last month, you will recall that microwave is faster than fiber.  Utilizing a microwave option from BOB in your DR plan will ensure 100 percent network up-time for your mission-critical data applications.




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