During the past few months, RAM has seen a spike in AT&T charges on POTS lines for old contracts. In some cases, AT&T is doubling and even tripling the rate of its POTS lines.  In past years, AT&T was very lenient on raising rates on expired contracts.

This year, however, AT&T is reviewing its client base and looking for expired contracts. Under their contract provision, AT&T reserves the right to invoice at its highest retail rate when a customer contract is expired. Whenever possible, RAM will notify you if we see a pending contract expiration in our file.

Otherwise, here’s what RAM recommends you do to avoid these rate hikes.

1. Look for separate AT&T notices in the mail. By law, AT&T must send you a written notice of any pending rate hike.
2. If you get a notice, pass it along to RAM immediately so we can review it for accuracy and recommend account changes or modifications.
3. If you notice a spike in your AT&T account send RAM the invoice so we can help you negotiate a better contract.

In some cases, depending on the type of package you have, AT&T will no longer honor the same rate. However, in every case, RAM will make sure you get the most competitive rate and avoid retail pricing.



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