Increasingly, our staff is spending more time researching and correcting bad information and fixing ill-thought implementations for new clients. Now, more than ever, we subscribe to the KISS method.  In these economic times, businesses need reliable and ‘user-friendly’ technologies more than ever before.

Some Statistics

According to one trade magazine, Phone Plus, the average small business only utilizes 10% of the technology available in their phone system solution.  Perhaps this percentage is higher in tech-savvy organizations.  Still, that’s an alarmingly low rate of adoption.  Perhaps, as an industry, telecommunications professionals need to spend more time training their customers? Or, maybe, the technology is too overwhelming for most users? Another statistic cites VoIP services are being deployed  50% less than forecasted in 2008.  The economy plays a role in this down trend but there’s something more basic at work here. Many phone reps push features. Many don’t talk about and deliver benefits businesses can use.

Here’s one example. SIP phone technology allows cell phone users the ability to automatically transfer their phone call onto their phone system once they arrive in the office. Sounds neat but what’s the real benefit to the business?  What is the productivity gain of having this feature? The cell phone is already portable and available. This transfer feature is marketed constantly without any regard for creating practical advantage for the customer.

Look for Real Benefits

Can the latest IP solution save your business money? Enable your staff to be more productive? If so, the solution would be providing benefits. Business owners realize that a big part of a benefit is saving workers time.  Time they can use to produce revenue.  Our most successful, profitable clients have something in common.  They stretch they’re current technology as far as possible while still keeping their people productive.

RAM will continue to provide its clients and new prospects practical benefits. One of the principle benefits we pledge to deliver you is simpler, user-friendly solutions. That is why we continue to recommend a mix of the old with the new.  If , for example, your staff is productive and profitable using an older telecom solution, why change it?  Changes require new capital and retraining.

Here’s some other recommendations:

1. Contact RAM to reassess your systems. The cost and time is minimal and the benefit is finding operational and efficiency savings.
2. Look for low-cost, easy-to-use upgrades
3. A beneficial technology can provide a lower operating cost but shouldn’t do so at the expense of productivity.
4. Find a system with tangible improvements for your organization. If one is not readily available, stick with your current system.






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