Help Desk Tips from Barb

Did you know . . .
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our valued customers. Contacting our Help Desk is the best and most efficient way for us to meet your needs. There are 2 ways to reach us that will ensure prompt attention:

Email- Email address found in your Outlook Contacts or

By entering a subject and a brief description of the issue, Note: It is very important for you to enter a subject when contacting the Help Desk.

Phone- Help Desk # 847-358-0917, Ext. 201
Leaving a voice mail at the Help Desk automatically alerts us so we can address your needs even after office hours.

You will then be sent a reply with a Ticket Number letting you know we have received your request and that we have opened a ticket with the carrier involved.

Additional Correspondence-When you need to contact us with additional information about your technology issue, please include RE: or FW: and the Ticket Number in the subject line of your email. This correspondence will make it more efficient to review the updates on your ticket.

Our mission is to be more efficient to our valued customers and relieve you from all the stress for resolution of your ticket issues. This leaves more time for our customers to concentrate on more important matters at their work.

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