RAM is excited to announce our new partnership with S-NET Telecommunications. Specifically we want to tell you more about the new S-NET Qbox V2 and what it can do to help your business telecommunications.

From time to time, power interruptions occur and can leave your office without phones or Internet. For years RAM has brought clients numerous products to help minimize service interruptions. The S-NET Qbox V2 enables business owners to purchase and install the most economical Voice and Internet back-up system available today. Qbox, in our opinion, represents a breakthrough in back up service technology. Qbox is carrier neutral. In other words, it can be used with any number of carriers and technologies from DSL to fiber to fixed wireless.

The S-NET Qbox connects your office securely to S-NET’s data center. Voice traffic is monitored for quality and the Qbox is able to provide fail over and fail back up service when there is a connectivity outage. The Qbox is capable of restoring a secure connection with your company’s network – regardless of the local bandwidth provider. This enables feasible and economical office connections where security and quality of Voice and Internet traffic is important. Conveniently, Qbox also works quickly without using costly dedicated circuits.

To learn more about S-NET and Qbox visit their link at:

As always, contact RAM Communications today at 847-358-0917 for more information on how we can help you utilize SNet best for your business.



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