Is your business relocating? If so, and you’re moving
into a single tenant or multi-tenant property be sure to involve
building management and your phone vendors for these questions . . .

Where are the Phone Facilities in the building?

You need to be concerned about two locations. The central nerve
center for phone and Internet services is called the
building demarc. Building management needs to tell you exactly
where it’s located. The second location you need to find is in your
office suite. It’s known as the remote demarc. This is the area in
your office where the phone and internet services come in from the
building demarc.

The location and condition of these service points can impact how
much money you may pay to bring in service.

Building Demarc Picture (outside wall, retail center):
building demarc
Remote demarc

Does the demarc provide enough service for my office?

In other words, are there enough wires to handle all my Voice and
Internet needs? This is the question you will need to ask your phone
vendor. Better yet, make sure your phone vendor surveys your site
well in advance of your move date -at least 6 weeks. In fact, make
this one of your top priorities before you sign a lease! Your phone
vendor will be able to tell you how much work and cost will be
required to bring service into your office. The answers may help you
reconsider and find another location.

Now that I know what the costs are for service delivery, do I have
enough time to activate service by my move date?

Most phone service relocations require 90-120 days depending on the
site and types of services involved. When you prepare a move be sure
to hire a vendor who has a proven track record for project
management. Your professional should provide a time line for
managing all the installation vendors and milestones.

Like any complex project, you will want to have an expert carefully
managing the process so you can work on other parts of your
business. The money you spend on qualified professionals will help
you avoid costly surprises on Moving Day.

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