Yes, fax transmissions are still an acceptable and common form of telecommunications. A problem can usually occur in one of two ways, either the providing carrier is having a problem or the actual device is somehow malfunctioning. It’s not easy to determine where the fault lies.

If a carrier(phone company) problem is suspected, there are a couple of options to try.

1.    Call the number from a land line or cell. If you receive a glaring screeching sound, you’ve connected to the device. If there is a carrier problem, you’d probably hear a message indicting that your call cannot be completed.
2.    Unplug the line cord from the fax machine and plug it into a telephone hand set.  Many business users have a Telephone System with handsets that are incompatible with the “analog” fax machine. If you keep a spare “analog” set available you can test the fax line properly. If possible unplug the fax and plug the line cord into the “analog” phone. Attempt to make an outbound call. Try calling the number from another phone set. If connections are made then you know there isn’t a problem with the carrier.
3.    If either of these first two tests fail then a service call to the appropriate carrier is needed.

A more difficult situation is determining a problem with the fax device.  If you’ve performed the first two tests and the line is working properly, then it is very possible the fax is experiencing a problem. It may be out of paper, the buffer holding the transmissions may be full or there just may be a mechanical failure. If this is the case, then a call to an appropriate fax / business machine servicer is necessary.

In any scenario described above, RAM Communications can assist with your FAX Troubleshooting. Please call 847-358-0917 Option 1 during our business hours, as we will work with you in attempting to identify and resolve the problem.




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