How SDN Helps You Control Your Network!

Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows you the ability to make changes to your network behavior from your desktop.

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Which would you prefer? Calling your carrier to make changes or having the ability to make changes from your own desktop? Of course, you would choose the latter. Some providers have developed what’s called a Master Network Controller. This device sits on a web-based interface and allows you to effect network changes in port speed, routing and other network parameters.

You don’t have to open tickets with a Network Operations Center (NOC) and wait for hours (or days) to get the end result you were looking for. This is just one example of how SDN will change your business through improved performance.

With this kind of control, think of the possibilities:

  • Increase bandwidth when you need it for higher volume work periods
  • Shut down a connection if your IT staff notice potential security threats
  • Implement access controls in real time throughout your network
  • Optimize your network traffic in real time to avoid congestion on certain routes
  • Deploy new services and network applications in hours as opposed to days or weeks via the carrier

Now, your management and IT staff can work more efficiently together.

No longer does IT have to send in ticket requests to the carrier to implement the changes management wants. Management can suggest a change for a new office – perhaps to enhance growing staff at a particular location. Then, IT can implement those changes quickly and provide performance results back to management in the same day. How would this new reality effect your day-to-day operation?

There are many more implications behind Software Defined Networking. In the coming weeks RAM will provide more information and examples of SDN.

An illustration of how Software Defined Networking is superior to the old network models

IT can quickly provision and program network connections without having to change network routers and devices. The network is controlled in what is known as the “Application Layer”.

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Typical Carrier Network vs. SDN Network

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