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During the late 1990’s, an influx of fiber was installed across the U.S. by MCI, Worldcom, Qwest, SBC and Nextlink. (Does anyone else remember these names?) After 2001, these investments went on hold. During the last two years, there’s been a resurgence of fiber installations in the Chicagoland Area and across other parts of the country. If your management is considering expansion and looking at potential office sites locally or in other parts of the country, take the time to see what type of infrastructure is available. Of course, telecom infrastructure is only one consideration when choosing an office. However, if your business is contemplating between two sites, why not consider the one that has fiber? Given the inherent speed and capacity of fiber, your business could save substantial money. How? Anyone who has tried to expand using T1 knows the costs become cost prohibitive as you add circuits – not to mention the time, install fees and additional project management required to upgrade T1. If you can have fiber from the start, you will save time and money on high-speed service. Unfortunately, carriers don’t publish their network maps with all their fiber locations. However, here at RAM we have access to a number of tools that can help you identify the nearest points of fiber in a given area. If you’re contemplating a move or office addition, check in with RAM so we can help you determine the nearest fiber presence. There’s no cost to check and you could save substantially in the long run. DON’T HESITATE TO CALL RAM FOR MORE HELP! 847-358-0917

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