Telecom Billing Tips from Barb . . .

In the video, we give you the best practices behind telecom billing management.

Rule 1

  • Get Familiar with your invoice!
  • Locate and understand your account summary section.

Rule 2

  • Understand and confirm your monthly charges!
  • Do you know what your services are and what they should cost?
  • Compare your invoice with your service agreement!
  • If the service descriptions and costs don’t match up with your agreement, it’s time to start asking questions!

Rule 3

  • Pay your invoice then dispute your charges!
  • From time to time you may uncover mistakes on your invoice. These things happen. Don’t wait if you find a mistake. Most carriers will only give you a limited time to document and dispute a charge. (It’s in the contract!)
  • Be sure to contact your carrier’s billing department for help. If you happen to know your account manager that’s even better.
  • Get your dispute documented by email and be sure to get a billing ticket number for your reference. You will need this in case you need to escalate your issue!!

Other Suggestions . . .

  • Don’t put your account on an autopay via credit card.
  • Think twice about waiving your right to a paper bill.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Briefly review your invoice every month.
  • Look for announcements from the carrier!!
  • From time-to-time, the carrier may inform you of a rate, fee or tax increase.
  • Legally, they only need to inform you of this in the ‘announcements or news’ section of the invoice.