Don’t Forget the Pathway to Your Building!

You may never give it a second thought and that’s why we’ve written this piece. Installing fiber and other utilities at an office or industrial complex requires significant labor and money. If you’re renovating a property or building from scratch here’s one item you should never forget. Have your construction contractor install a service pipe for your telecom services. Here’s one example and by no means represents every scenario.

Pathway to Your Building

The phone or cable company should tell you where their service responsibility begins and ends (A). (Contact RAM if you need help.) In almost every case, you, the customer, are responsible for extending or providing the path for service from your property line to the building’s ‘point of entry’ (B). This is why it is vital to have your contractor install a weatherproof metal pipe for your fiber service (C). Even if you don’t have immediate service needs consider installing this pathway for future use. If you skip this crucial step you risk spending tens of thousands of dollars digging or boring a pathway for fiber, copper or even future cable services. The easiest and most affordable time to install your pathway is during your next renovation or new construction project.