Telecom & New Construction

If your business is planning a new construction or a build-out of an existing office space, we would like to make sure you’re aware of what you need to do to ensure your telecommunications are installed properly. These tips will help you save, time, money and avoid unnecessary headaches along the way.

Rule 1: there’s an order you want to follow as you plan out your building project. The sequence is critical. Don’t make the same mistake countless others have. Be sure to confirm what types of carrier service are available at the proposed address! How? Ask for a site survey. Bring along your phone tech or technology expert and survey the telco room. If you’re planning on building a single occupancy space, ask your neighbors which services are available in the immediate area. If you don’t follow this critical step then be prepared to be disappointed. It’s not unusual to pay $50k-$100k in installation fees for brand new infrastructure. So, if you are looking for a fiber connection and none is currently available, then consider another location. Otherwise, be prepared to add another construction fee to your budget! Make sure you review floor plans with your phone system and IT experts. They will need to review the plans to make sure their infrastructure is documented and sufficient for their needs.

Remember, it’s easier and cheaper to install all the wiring, wall jacks and other low voltage items before the walls are installed. If anything is missed, it’s much more costly to open a wall after it’s gone up. There’s no better time to plan for disaster recovery then during new construction. If you add redundant power, voice and internet services to your construction plan, you will actually save time and money. Why? You will have all the available resources on hand to collaborate, design and test the systems your business needs. So, take advantage of the help you have in place and finish this critical step before you open your doors! Finally, test all your systems as much as possible before you open your doors.

There will be gaps and errors along the way. Testing will expose potential problems and allow your vendors to fix any issues before you open your doors for business. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to save time, money and a lot of aggravation during your project.

*PLEASE NOTE: While we pride ourselves on educating our clients and subscribers, we are not able to provide our time and expertise for free. If you have a specific phone, internet or other service-related issues, consider calling your vendor first. If you feel you need additional assistance please contact us at 866-214-1122. We will discuss your issue with you and if we can assist you, we will provide you with a quote for our support services. Thank you.