Today’s telecommunications world provides more technologies
than ever before. With so many different types of service, it can
be difficult for phone companies to ensure emergency services
work properly on every medium.

There are times when the phone company network information
has to be updated, especially when new area codes are added to
specific territories. E911 centers and phone companies need to
work hand in hand to ensure business and residential information
is up to date.

Guess what? This doesn’t always happen. So, periodically, (once
per year) it pays to conduct e911 testing at your place of business.
Here are some other scenarios where we recommend your
business test emergency service for accurate information.

1. Business Relocation
If your business moves, e911 information must be updated with your
new address and phone number. Don’t assume this change will
happen automatically. It won’t. Work with your phone team to ensure
your information is updated and tested successfully.

2. Change in Phone Services
Any time your business changes voice carriers, you need to treat e911
programming as a brand new installation. Your installing team must
program and test your e911 calls successfully before completing your
new services. Sometimes, e911 will take 24-72 hours to update in the
public phone network. Regardless, your installing team should help
you follow up and ensure e911 tests correctly.

3. Moving to IP Phone Services
IP Phone systems are now dominating the marketplace. But their
internet-based technology challenges traditional e911 center
technology. Your vendor needs to help you perform proper e911
testing during the installation process and ensure the e911 center can
see your address and phone number information.

4. Installing a New Phone Systems
New phone systems require the disconnection of old equipment and
programming new switches. The only way to make sure your phones
are properly e911 programmed is by placing an e911 call to find out.

NOTE 1: Be sure to let the operator know you are placing a TEST
CALL so no emergency personnel are dispatched to your office in
error!!! You may be charged a fee. Can you reach e911? When you do,
is the information correct? Consult your installer immediately if you
need assistance.

NOTE 2: for Clients located inside Chicago’s City Limits:
You must schedule a testing appointment with Chicago’s e911 center.
For further assistance and clarification contact RAM.
As always, RAM is here to help. Our staff will be happy to take you
through the testing process and ensure your information is up to date
with your local e911 center.

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