Your business probably has sufficient tools to assess sales, customer service and accounting results. But how often are you measuring your telecommunications’ performance?

Measuring phone and Internet usage will tell you a lot more than just how much bandwidth the staff is using at a given time. If you measure your telecommunications on a monthly or quarterly basis you can start to see trends.

What good can these trends be in your business?

Well, would it be useful to know if customer service is overwhelmed with calls? Perhaps having report-based evidence would help you determine if a new hire is warranted? Or, maybe a trend analysis could reveal you’re spending too much on services your staff no longer needs.

Circuits, switches and phones are necessary commodities in any business. However, they are a commodity like office paper and pens. In our new world of IP Communications, not only can we measure staff performance we can monitor carrier performance better than ever before. You can get more out of your telecom commodity if you know where to get the right tools and, learn how to use them as a part of your business.

If you don’t have the ability to view circuit and bandwidth utilization then you’re leaving yourself at the mercy of your vendor. Adding more bandwidth doesn’t always solve your performance issues but will definitely cost you more money. Having and using performance tools will help you judge when and what types of adjustments are necessary.

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