Let’s Build a Reliable VOIP Infrastructure

Good voice performance requires a stable, dedicated connection.

What does stable mean?

The connection cannot drop packets, lose signal or experience long delays in packet delivery. Additionally, there needs to be a minimum bandwidth dedicated to voice service. In VoIP, each call needs about 80k of dedicated bandwidth for acceptable performance. Here’s what happens to a voice call using stand-alone cable or public access. When a public-access circuit experiences high usage, performance suffers.

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If the speed slows down and data packets drop off the resulting call will lose audio and create signal delay.

What RAM Communications recommends today is a hybrid approach using dedicated and broadband connections. Service costs have dropped to the point most small businesses can afford to have two connections.

In this example, we use SD Internet to combine voice and internet usage.

Voice service now has dedicated, stable bandwidth while the Internet and cloud applications can use broadband for better performance.

In the rare event, your dedicated connection goes down, the SD service uses broadband as a back-up with little if any interruption.

If the broadband connection goes down, SD service also uses dedicated access as a back-up.

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